all night crew

All Night Crew

Undefeated - 3:52
I was driving through London at 7am,
Heading into town to work and see some friends,
Cruising off the 406 into Finsbury Park.
Saturday morning, the suns first rays,
The roads were kind of empty and the pavements the same,
The daily rebirth of the city from the smoke and the dark.

It was hard to put my finger on it, something was amiss -
Suits at the bus stops, runners in the mist -
But my eyes kept searching the corners looking for a sign,
A trace of the tribe to which I used to belong,
Kids in their gladrags dancing through the dawn,
Totally oblivious to their bodies, the season or the time.

Whatever happened to the all night crew,
The ones who always powered through?
They used to haunt these streets at this time of day,
And I thought that they always would.
I got old and moved away,
But surely somewhere someone stayed?
And I need to believe they’re still out there,
Welcoming the day.
I hope that someone somewhere’s still awake.

Arguing in corner shops trying to buy beers
In the twilight between closing down and opening hours,
Breakfast in the cafe, no eye contact, no appetite.
Trying to find the house where the party’s still going,
Texting all your crushes just to see how they’re doing,
And hoping Nico’s still on his rounds, and has something to make you right.

And I put my hours in, I did my shift,
I’ve got the scars to prove it, tall tales for the kids.
I just hope someone is carrying the flag,
Going as hard as we did.
There must be something wrong with us,
It’s not exactly glamorous,
Rolling up receipts and paying rent with credit cards.
But we saw some things, lord knows we did,
We scraped the highs and hit the skids,
Like everything we did we stayed too long and went too hard.

But I could never regret it -
I just couldn’t hack it anymore.
If you’re young enough take it,
Take to the streets, the streets should be yours.

And then I saw some of the all night crew,
Sunglasses on and powering through,
Sipping and smoking on the edge of the park,
And part of my heart felt full.

And I got old and moved away,
But it’s good to know that someone stayed,
And that the all night crew are still out there,
Welcoming the day.
It’s good to know that someone’s still awake.

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