better half

Better Half

Better Half - 5:02
Oh my friend loneliness, where have you been?
You left to the lure of the lover who left me alone.
But now you come crawling back, and I'll let you in,
And we'll slip back into grooves that we cut in ourselves long ago.

But there must be a better half, somewhere out there,
And she lives a better life, a life that shares,
Shares with a better man,
A man who is there when she calls in the night,
Who says "Hey, it's alright."

And oh my dear distance, I've met you before,
In the longing for a lover who's lost on a far distant shore.
And all my imperfections are all that remain
Of the days when I'd love you and I'd leave you, and you'd wish that I would stay.

I know what she looks like, her face and skin, her smell and the rest.
I know the feel of her soul, but God help me, I just cannot find her address.
Oh how I've tried, but now all that's left
Is my old friends distance and sweet loneliness.

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