West Coast Vs Wessex - 3:09
(Originally by NOFX)

He spent 15 years getting loaded,
15 years til his liver exploded,
Now what's Bob gonna do,
Now that he can't drink?
The Doctor said: "What you been thinking about?"
And Bob said, "That's the point. Don't want to think about nothing.
Now I've got to do something else.
To pass the time, he had someone shave his head,
He got a new identity.
62 hole air cushioned boots
And a girl who rides a scooter,
To take him out of town.
They would get away,
Running around,
And as the trucks drive by,
You can hear the motherfuckers play.

A couple of lines, an extra thermos of Joe,
He'll be kicking in heads at the punk rock show.
Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what to do
When the doctor tells him to:

Quit your drinking, now's the time
But will he ever walk the line?
To all my friends I feel just fine,
But will he ever walk the line?

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