common ground

Common Ground

Be More Kind - 4:14
If it were just the best of us against the rest of us,
It wouldn’t even really be an argument at all.
It would be a victory, or a Spanish Civil War,
But I’m really not so sure that it is the way it is at all.
If we are to find a way to live,
Then we need to build ourselves a bridge.
And if we were to build ourselves that bridge,
We could meet in the middle and forgive.
If all we are is dust to dust, then in the end what’s left of us
Are the traces of the way we treat the ones we meet,
And the ones who trouble us; the greatest test of us
Seems to me to be the way we disagree.
Let’s meet on the bridge and forgive.
If there’s hope to be found,
We will find it in our common ground.
And if that ground is to be reached,
There are walls around us to be breached.
And if that breach can be made,
Drag the others through, don’t be afraid,
Or let our differences drag us down.
I believe we’ll find our common ground.
I want us to find a way to live;
Roll up your sleeves, let’s build a bridge.
I want us to find a way to live;
Let’s meet on the bridge and forgive.

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