Positive Songs For Negative People - 4:05
If life gives you demons, make a deal.
Meet them at the crossroads, cross your fingers, and then sign and seal.
Hey philosophers, make way.
Pascal never had too much stomach for gambling anyway.

If life gives you demons, make demands.
Take them to the mountain top, show them the valley, then take a chance.
Hey physicians, heal thyself.
I’ll make my own way down to hell without your help.

At this truth we have arrived, god damn it’s great to be alive.
Doesn’t it just break your heart to know that none of this will last?

Dry mouth, taste of blood,
The iron on the tongue brings up something ancient, something before the flood.
Dust down, stand tall,
Life gave me demons, but I made friends with the devil,
So I'm invincible.

You’re not delivering a perfect body to the grave,
Time is not there to be saved.
Life as a holiday, a moment stolen from the black;
Before the demons drag you back,
You won’t get everything you wanted,
But you will never be defeated.

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