get it right

Get It Right

Be More Kind - 3:26
Last night I had a vision
Of people asking questions,
Instead of talking without listening,
And admitting that the news was new.
Sweet lord, I’ve had some visions
Of people having conversations,
Instead of staring at their tiny screens,
And pretending that they knew what to do.
Take a breath, try these for size:
I don’t know, I changed my mind.
Between life and death we’ll find the time
To get it right.
Last night I had a vision
Of people being congratulated,
Instead of ridiculed and hated
For admitting that they’d made mistakes.
I’m sick and tired of having visions
That keep coming to me nightly,
That shouldn’t be so very unlikely
If everybody’s ready for some changes to make.
Let's try and get it right.

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