glorious you

Glorious You

Positive Songs For Negative People - 3:15
I can see you hurting beneath your new red dress.
Beneath your new tattoos and your sharp new shoes,
You are directionless.
And I know you've been working as hard as you can
To pre-empt the question, the expectation,
And I understand.

From the moment the phone alarm breaks the morning in two,
To the moment you close your bedroom door
And all that's left is you,
There were a thousand auditions you didn't quite get through,
So many masks to wear, so much weight to bear,
But you were only ever you, you were glorious you,
You were glorious.

So come on now, if we all pulled together,
We could lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders,
Lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders,
Just for a moment or two,

And be glorious you, glorious you, glorious you.
With your mixed up metaphors, your messed up make-up,
You're glorious you.
With your tongue-tied tragedy and too-small T-shirts,
Glorious you.

So don't you worry, all things must end.
There are sunlight uplands around the river bend.

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