hits & mrs

Hits & Mrs

Tape Deck Heart - 3:33
True love is staying out late of an evening,
Then crashing home late without warning,
Still getting breakfast in bed in the morning.
My girl, she rolls her eyes when she finds me in pieces,
She picks me up and she smooths out the creases,
And all the while she is nothing but sweetness.

And all that I need at the end of the night,
When I'm messed up and stressed out, half-dead with fright,
Is somebody sweet who will turn out the light,
Make me breakfast in bed and get the coffee just right.

She brings me hangover hugs and comedown kisses.
She is my first and my last, she's all my hits and my Mrs.

True love is coming home back from my travels,
To find that everything else has unravelled,
And she's the only thing keeping me level.
My girl, she comes down to meet me at the station,
She holds me close in that brief exhalation,
And waves me off on my road to salvation.

And all that she needs at the end of the day,
When the night's drawing in and the hope slips away,
Is somebody sweet who will come home and say,
She's the only thing left that keeps my demons at bay.
Keep those demons at bay.

So baby I need you at the end of it all,
When I'm weak like a child, and I'm not standing tall.
When the club's kicking out, and there's no more curtain calls,
I promise you this: I'll be there when you fall.

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