international hide & seek champions

International Hide & Seek Champions

Undefeated - 2:25
Darling do you want to get out of here?
I’ve got two parachutes, a case full of cash.
We’ve been trapped in a time of hysteria,
I’ve got a hunkering to do something rash.
When the cost is clear we’ll get out of here
And start over again somewhere new,
Where we’ll hibernate, and then wake up late.
I can’t wait to disappear with you.

Let’s take a leap before the world goes down in flames,
Draw up some deckchairs on the roof, let someone else take the blame,
Find a sunset to drive into, just refuse to play the game,
Jump out the plane and leave no trace.

We’ll start a new life in the underground,
We’ll cut our hair and cover up our tattoos.
Somewhere on the shores of the Puget Sound –
Or somewhere else - I’m not giving you clues.
The tales will spread that perhaps we’re dead,
And we’ll encourage you to think that that’s true,
But in actual fact we’ll get old and fat.
I’ll bring the cat to keep us company too.
With you.

DB Cooper now in second place.
International hide and seek champions.

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