little aphrodite

Little Aphrodite

Mittens EP - 4:35
I remember the first night I met you;
You brushed past my arm at the bar.
And suddenly it was like somebody somewhere
Scraped their keys down the side of my heart -
A heart that had been stuck in traffic
At some interminably unchanging red light.
You beckoned me off down a side street
And welcomed me into the night.

You're wary and you're wise like Athena,
Like Artemis, you're wild and you're free,
You carry yourself like you're Hera,
But quietly you'll always be little Aphrodite to me.

Now I remember the first night I met you;
How could I ever forget?
You were trading my drinks for across-the-bar winks
Like a rumour I hadn't heard yet.
And when I stumbled into you outside,
I said I was sorry, but that was kind of a lie.
I'd been waiting for you, and I knew that you knew,
But you still laughed and still acted surprised.

And it's faintly ridiculously for me to be saying I'm sure,
But if I had an apple to give then it would be yours.
And the others would rage as I turned them away,
But you'd follow me down to the shore.
And for you I'd start a war, so baby yes I'm sure.

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