little life

Little Life

fthc - 3:35
When they closed down the restaurants, boarded up the bars,
We moved out of the city, bought a second hand car,
Tried to figure out standing still, for the first time in a long, long time,
And cut back on the sleeping pills, and the overkill, and the over time.

I guess that this little life
Is going to have to do.
It’s only a little life,
Mostly just me and you.
We’re trying out a little life
To see where it leads.
Maybe a little life
Is all that we need.

Now we live on a quiet street, half an hour from the train station,
Getting used to things we didn’t choose, and the local news, new frustrations,
Finding ways to work with them, and to make new friends, make it work out for the best,
And let go of the life we left, and the bitterness and the tension in my chest.

And every day I try to make sure I
Can bring you a little surprise
To help you appreciate
Our little fate:
Some oyster shells I found down on the beach,
Where I heard the mermaids singing,
Each to each and to you and me.
A song about anxiety
Getting washed away by the sea.
I made a promise I intend to keep:

A promise of a little life,
Just me and you.
It’s only a little life,
But I think it will do.
Let’s find love in our little life,
And see where it leads.
Maybe a little life
Is all that we need.

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