love 40 down

Love 40 Down

Positive Songs For Negative People - 2:30
I’m love-forty down.
As the match slips away from me,
I need the crowd to pray for me,
To turn this one around.
I've worked far too hard to be
This far from victory.

I’m battered and I'm bruised,
And I can’t afford to lose.

I’m love-forty down.
As the day slips away from me
I have to say that, honestly,
I still haven’t found
The person who can take the strain
Of deuce, advantage, back again.

So I’ll do this on my own;
There’s no one waiting when I’m done.

I’m love-forty down,
And I can well recall the day
My father reached the ancient age
That’s now bearing down
The barrel of my fourth decade,
And honestly I am afraid.

I’m long in the tooth,
But I’m ready for the truth.

In the time it takes for the serve to rise and fall,
We’ll find out if I am man or mouse, if I am set to stand or fall.
In the time it takes for the umpire to flip his coin,
We’ll find out if I can take the strain, if I can make it through break point.

I’m love-forty down,
I’m going to turn this one around.
Break point.

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