my bad

My Bad

fthc - 1:44
My parents world just made me furious,
So I ran away and joined the circus.
Young and careless, dumb and curious,
Sickened by my kin.
Since then I have wandered endless,
Searching for some soul forgiveness,
To shed the skin and bring the process
Of privilege to an end.

Guys who look like me ruined the country
With their hatred and greed, and I feel guilty.
And that’s why I won’t try to tell anybody
How to live a life:
You’ve heard enough from me.
You’ve heard enough from guys who look like me.

I’d stuff my socks into the mouths of
Everyone I went to school with,
Burn the houses of those who are not
Sickened by their kin.

Ah friend, you think I wouldn’t change things if I could?
You think I wouldn’t drain my tainted blood,
And hand over the keys to anyone?
I did not want to be my father’s son.

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