nights become days

Nights Become Days

england-keep-my-bones - 4:26
We saw in the dawn from the roof of the bar.
When nights become days then you've gone too far.
We listened to songbirds and rush hour cars
And welcomed in the day.
He said "London in summertime is great,
On days like this I feel like I can escape
From the things that I've done and mistakes that I've made,
I can wash it all away."

We bathed like swimmers in the morning sun,
Waiting for our night to end.
We knew that one of us would come down hard
And one of us would start again.

We started out curious, it started out fun,
We smoked in the woods when we were young,
And secretly slipped something under our tongues,
And danced the night away.
But everyone stumbles on old cocaine,
It burns out the best, and it burdens the brain,
Til brown comes and whispers away the pain
And you find you've lost your way.

You'd sink in the river for your death.
You'd sleep with the fishes, and draw no breath.
You'd swallow forever, till nothing's left,
Take no rest.

Oh my friend, if you made for the shore,
You'd see us here, we're all waiting.
Just cast your eyes down to the floor,
You'll see us here, we're all waiting.

Don't sink in the river for your death.
You can sleep in the shade, and draw some breath.
You could start fresh tomorrow, and leave what's left.
Please draw breath, please draw breath.

Let's let nights become days.
So come down kid, the roof's not safe now.
All your friends are waiting for you to get some rest.

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