non serviam

Non Serviam

fthc - 1:58
I am the idiot,
I was considerate,
I thought things were different.
But the dumb and degenerate
Can be so belligerent:
Aggressive illiterates.
This social barbiturate
Is cold and deliberate,
A marketed cigarette.
If you dare to be different,
Good faith considerate,
Then you are the idiot.

I don’t mean to be cagey about this, so I won’t be:
You gave up your backbone so quickly it scares me.
Cravenly praying you won’t be the next victim,
Wiping the blood of your friends on your lintels.
Banish me and sentence me to drink the hemlock,
But I will not bow down, I will not tug on my forelock
Before this new set of values, this obvious scam.
I'll be keeping ahold of myself - non serviam.

Is this what you wanted?
Endlessly haunted,
All history distorted?
You think that you hate me?
You fucking Johnny come lately.
I’m the champion athlete.

I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice,
And come next Christmas I don’t plan to be nice.
Whether you are an atheist , or if you believe,
You’ll be judged on your cowardice, and I will not forgive.
God asked lucifer - “What’s the plan?”
He said, “I know who I am, man, non serviam.
But moving forward, let’s keep things simple.
Here are my principles:

Help the ones in need.
Do your best to leave the others be.
Doubt yourself and keep your mind open.
Navigate the progress and the scams.
Non serviam.”

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