one foot before the other

One Foot Before the Other

england-keep-my-bones - 3:26
On the very day I die, the very last of my desires
Is that you take my broken body and commit it to the fire,
And then when the fire is finished, scrape the ashes in a tin,
Take them down to London’s drinking reservoirs and throw them in, And then specks infinitesimal of my mortal remains
Will slide down seven million throats and into seven million veins,
And I will creep through their capillaries to the marrow of their bones,
And they will wake to bright new mornings and then wordlessly they’ll know

That I remain;
I am remembered.

So these seven million innocents, they will have me in their blood,
And when they die they’ll burn their bodies, or be buried in the mud,
And I will spread through streams and rivers like a virus through a host,
From the hamlets to the cities, from the rivers to the coast,
And from there into the Channel, across the great Atlantic Ocean,
And ever onwards to the New World through the waters gentle motions,
Until parts of me are part of every land mass, every sea,
In the rain, upon your crops and in the very air you breathe.

I remain;
I am remembered.
And though the things I love will be washed away in the rain,
I remain.

I’m not convinced of the existence of these things that don’t exist,
By Jewish boys with big ideas and scratches on their wrists,
By a loving or a vengeful God, or one who condescends
To wash his hands down in the mire among the misery of men,
Or by ever turning circles hanging timeless in the sky,
Like a dream catcher distracting from the fact you’re going to die.
But I place one foot before the other, confident because
I know that everything we are right now is everything that was,
That Wat Tyler, Woody Guthrie, Dostoevsky and Davy Jones
Have all dissolved into the ether and have crept into my bones,
And all the cells in all the lines upon the backs of both my hands
Were once carved into the details of two feet upon the sand.

So we remain;
We are remembered.
And though the things we love will be washed away in the rain,
We remain.

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