peggy sang the blues

Peggy Sang the Blues

england-keep-my-bones - 3:33
Peggy came to me in my sleep,
In the middle of the night,
On a Friday night last week.
She whispered "Hush child, now don't be scared,
I've got me a few words of wisdom that I came back to share."
And she said:

"It doesn't matter where you come from,
It matters where you go.
No one gets remembered
For the things they didn't do."

I said, "Peggy, won't you stay here for a while?
We could drink whisky, we could play cards, and we could get wild."
She said, "We'll play poker, and we'll play for keeps.
I only played angels lately, and they never let me cheat.

And you could say I had a good start,
And you could say I had class,
And you could say that I was born beneath
A ceiling made of glass.
But I always kept an open house,
And I always did right by my friends,
But when I got to St Peter's Gates, I told the keeper that
I'm not the one who needs to make amends."

Better times are coming,
Better times ahead.
No-one gets remembered, my deathless child,
So don't rest too long in bed.

Peggy sang the blues, as I drifted off.

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