fthc - 3:03
Well fuck last year I’m glad it’s done,
And here’s three weak cheers the next will be a better one.
Measuring my life in unanswered messages,
Stressing all the little stuff, the thing that’s pathetic is:
I haven’t slept bed sober in a long, long time,
Because I start having arguments as soon as I close my eyes.
Vicious fights, bitter and confused,
And the dumbest part is, sometimes I even lose
The will to start again,
And every day feels like an end.

But hey, every once in a few months when
All the punches land,
That day, I’m a tiger a prize fighter,
At least worth a damn.

Damnit, goddamn, I went and fucked it up,
Every single day like a clock that’s stuck.
It’s another fine morning rolling down in the muck.
I’ve been trying to look up and trying to find me some luck.
Every sunrise the cycle starts again,
I’ve been walking into glass doors since 7am,
Trying to break the cycle, and to make some new friends;
I guess it would be easier than making amends...
And then I feel the buzz, the glow
Of that one sweet day a few months ago.

And I don’t want to be a beggar always asking for slack;
Going take the things they threw at me and throw them right back.
I’m tired of only ever trying to do what I can;
The secret is to try and do the things that you can’t.

I can’t promise that I’m going to be fine,
But I’ll throw my best punch every single time,
Even though I’m skinny, don’t know how to fight,
I’ve got the makings of a champion every once in a while.
Twenty four seven, three sixty five,
I'm holding up my head the keep the dream alive
Of that one perfect day when the stars align.
I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine,
Got the whole world in my sights.

Damn the haters, damn the doubters,
Today’s my special day.
You can’t stop me, can’t touch me,
Can’t take it away.

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