rescue annie

Rescue Annie

Rescue Annie - 4:17
They found her body in the water,
Floating face down in the river.
The one who found her called the doctor,
Or so they say.
Not a scratch - she wasn’t bleeding,
Sixteen years old, died a virgin.
Unlucky lover, she did herself in,
Or so they say.

Rescue Annie from the river;
With every kiss she is delivered
From the depths and we forgive her
For falling in.

They say the doctor could have saved her
If he’d come a little sooner.
It broke his heart to know he’d lost her
To the world.
And though he couldn’t rescue Annie,
He resolved to tell her story.
He used her face to make a body
To teach the world.

In darkened storage rooms of hospitals across the world she waits
For the missing kiss that damned her to her fate.

Annie sinks down to the bottom;
The one who spurned her is forgotten,
While she is cherished by a million pairs of lips.

Rescue Annie from the river;
Help her breathe, try to forgive her.
Press her chest, always remember
That in her heart we find our harbour.
And every year, come early summer,
He lingers down there by the river.
Rescue Annie from the river;
In life, her lonely lips were never
Loved; in death, caressed forever.
We all fell in.

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