show people

Show People

Undefeated - 3:43
Step up kid, sign your name right here;
There’s pride to take in being a volunteer.
It’s not going to be easy, but we’re all of us equal.
If you give it your all you can be show people.

Can you stand on your head, can you land on a dime,
Can you find a thousand different ways to say the same line?
Can you show a crowded room the good and the evil,
Do the same when it’s empty? You can be show people.

Can you sleep where you’re sitting, make a pillow from your shoes,
Fix an engine with duct tape, use a string for a fuse?
Can you fly like Icarus, land like Evel Knievel?
We’ll show you how it’s done; we are show people.

They called us travelling players, fools and troubadours.
We did turns for the king, and they still called us whores.
Sometimes we’ve been icons, in the plague years illegal,
But we believed in our craft, because we are show people.

And I know you’ve didn’t want the hand you were dealt.
Let me guess that you were scorned just for being yourself.
And you knew in your heart that you had something to say,
And you were willing to work at it, through the nights and through the days,
On the skills you knew you’d need to say exactly what you mean.
They weren’t perfect when you started, but you were hungry and you were lean
To be the truest version of yourself, pass through the eye of the needle.

Step right up, show em what you got.

Don’t worry kid, you’re going to show people.
Six nights a week, you’re going to show people.
Some day, I promise, you’re going to show people.
With a matinee on Saturdays, you’re going to show people.

You’ll probably be disappointed, you’ll often be broke,
But in airports and at parties, you’re going to smell your own.
You’re more likely to be John Otway than the Beatles,
But Otway’s still on tour. Hats off to the show people.

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