Tape Deck Heart - 2:40
Oh it's pay day, yes it's pay day,
I got my pay check from the man.
There's not so many jobs that I can get these days
With these marks all over my hands.
But I'm going to take that cheque, I'm going to head across the tracks
To the wrong side of this town,
I'm going to open the door, I'm going to bask in the roar
Of that familiar buzzing needle sound.

Because the ink in my skin where the needle went in
However many years ago
Has left marks on my arms, and they say who I am
Everywhere that I go.
Some people have none, some have one that they're ashamed of,
Most people think that we're fools.
Some people don't get it and some people don't care,
And some of us we have tattoos.

Oh it's fading, yes it's fading,
Some of the things that I believed back then.
My skin has started sagging and the ink has started running,
And I've got buddy tattoos with people who aren't my friends.
Oh I've even got black X's from back when I was straightedge,
So crack open a beer friends, and let's make a pledge:
If we had the luck to live our lives a second time through,
We'd be sure to get the same tattoos.

We've got:
Hearts for the lovers, Playing cards for the gamblers,
Black flag bars for the punks,
Sailing ships for the ramblers.
We've got skulls for the living,
And the pain pays our dues.
Some of us we have tattoos.

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