the ballad of steve

The Ballad of Steve

Buddies - 1:54
Let me tell a little story about a flight attendant
Who now stands in court as a lone defendant.
After twenty long years in a job that tough,
He decided one day he'd had enough.

Steve had to leave.

As the plane touched down in Philadelphia,
One old lady didn't do what Steve had told her.
She got up to get her bags while the plane was still moving,
Steve marched down the aisle all disapproving.

Steve was polite, but he knew he was right.

Steve always did the best that he could.
He knew that when he finally left, he had to make it good.
So Steve had an awesome exit planned:
Steve is the fucking man.

Steve was a bro, Steve had to go.

The old woman didn't listen to what Steve had said,
She pulled down her baggage and it hit him in the head.
So he went back to the front and he got up on the mic,
And he spoke to all the passengers and caller her on her shite.

Steve spoke the truth with a cuss word or two.

Steve pulled up the lever and down fell the chute,
And then he went to the drinks trolley and he grabbed a beer or two,
And just before he jumped off the plane, he turned he turned and yelled:
"I'm out of here you fuckers, I'll see you all in hell."

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