the fastest way back home

The Fastest Way Back Home

poetry-of-the-deed - 3:26
I should have seen you were coming, I should have been prepared.
After all, getting half of what you wish for isn't so rare.
But still I wasn't ready, you took my by surprise,
You brought a light to my dark like a word from the wise.

We fell in love in the summer, when the skies were clear,
But I'm still wearing my coat from winter last year.
I need to set my house in order, confess and cover my sins.
I need to make a home for you before inviting you in.

Weather wears the mountains right down into the sea,
So I will stand in the rain until I am clean.
Rivers carve the country, a landscape shaped by a stream,
So I will swim in the river as long as you need.

Darling, oh my darling, you know that everything that I do
Is to try and make me good enough for you.
Darling, oh my darling, you know that everywhere that I go,
I'm just trying to find the fastest way back home.

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