the lifeboat

The Lifeboat

Be More Kind - 4:11
There’s a shadow across the land.
There’s a hatred and a hunger, and it's hard to understand
How we fell so far from where we began.
There’s a stumble now in our step.
There’s blood in the phlegm, there’s a lump in the breast,
There’s a smell of sickness on our breath.
There’s a dread deep down in our bones.
Something is finished, abandon your homes,
And strike out into the great unknown.
But there are no new continents to be found,
No new frontiers to cross, no gold in the ground.
Stay with the boats lest ye be drowned.
Save what you can;
Behind us, the old world in flames.
Lower the lifeboats,
Take the take the tiller,
Steer the way.
There are stories now worth being told.
There are victories to grasp more valuable than gold
That we will speak of to our children when we’re old.
There are battles now worth being fought.
There are lessons to be learned and later to be taught.
There are soldiers on the field who can’t be bought.
There’s a clarity now in our view.
From the prow we see far, all that's old now is new.
Free at last, we know what we must do.
There is hope now, in the wind,
In the millions who are marching, demanding we be kind,
In the new lands the lifeboats might find.
Save what you can, lower the lifeboats, steer the way.
Find surer ground, o'er the horizon, through the waves.
Steer a clear course to a new world, to a new day.
Save what you can, lower the lifeboats, steer the way.

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