the opening act of spring

The Opening Act Of Spring

Positive Songs For Negative People - 3:00
Oh the birds are ringing in the opening act of spring,
And I have fallen down and I'm so much worse than I have ever been.
Oh the season's acting strange, and I know that something has to change,
But there is no path I can choose that will not bring somebody pain.

And oh, please forgive me for the things that I must do.
But oh, though I have hurt so many people it was never my intention to hurt you.

Oh the clouds are gathered thick and in my stomach I feel sick,
And I have all this drive and no idea what I should do with it.
But they say there is a calm after the passing of the storm,
So I can dream of going back outside when the rain and thunder's done.

And all the old folk say they can
Tell which way the river's flowing, tell which way the wind is blowing,
By watching careful for the
Signs among the little things, the barking dogs, the birds on wing.
And I am deaf and blind and
I can't say if I can change the patterns that have caused you pain,
For I was raised in suburbs,
Sheltered from the sun and rain, far away from subtle season's change.

Oh baby I will read about the buzzing of the bees,
About the grass and snakes and spawning lakes, and the different types of trees,
And I will find a way that leads from cruel April into May,
And someday soon it will be June, and you'll decide to stay.

And oh, please forgive me for the things that I have done.
Oh, I will carry your umbrella in the summer and I'll shade you from the sun.

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