the quiet one

The Quiet One

The Quiet One - 3:43
(Originally by Mark Mulcahy)

What kind of drugs have you done tonight?
Because you've got a face like a lava light.
Gong bell and the bats in the belfry banging,
Me, I can't ever tell what it is that you're thinking.
She gets upset by the setting sun,
I like you, my little quiet one.

I like you,
I like when you're quiet.

Chilli chow chowder, that's the hardest partest,
And I never knew a real performance artist,
But there's a mean streak in your flower basket.
I had a question, I could never ask it.
Me, I'm as friendly as they come,
But I like you, my little quiet one.

I'm gonna tie you up,
And then cradle you,
To keep you here for me, my dear.
I want to make you part of my collection,
But I won't disturb you, or wonder,
Or fumble, or touch you,
No matter how bad, this never ends.

So join the circle of our conversation.
Do you need to know me to know my desperation?
I've given up the clothes, and the chairs, and the house,
But I need someone who cares if I'm not around.
You can measure my language by the tongue,
But I like you, my little quiet one.

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