there she is

There She Is

Be More Kind - 3:46
I have wandered through the dark,
Through the dirt – I was hurt -
And in the end I came back to the start,
And I stumbled – Lord knows how I stumbled.
I slipped on myself, no help from anyone else,
I feel in love, and I was humbled.

There she is – isn't she everything?

Down at the bottom, I found the things I'd forgotten,
And despite all I've done, I can learn, I can learn,
And this time, I'm going to hold onto them.
I'm going to forgive myself, and then ask for forgiveness,
Crossing my fingers and toes, because God only knows
I need this, Lord how I need this.

Isn't she everything I need?
I needed someone who'd believe me,
I needed someone who wouldn't leave me,
I needed her.

There she is – isn't she everything?
And I will give, I will give anything.

Anything you need,
I promise you I will believe you,
I promise you I'll never leave you,
I need my girl;
There she is.

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