the twenty-first century survival blues

The Twenty-First Century Survival Blues

Be More Kind - 3:58
I've got the Twenty-First Century survival blues,
A condition brought on by watching the news.
Things have been quiet for far too long,
And if I know human beings, things are going to go wrong.
We were raised in a glade of unsustainable peace;
Not many of us ever had to live on our knees.
And I'm scared that I won't have the strength that it takes
To stand up when the levee breaks.
So meet me at home when the sirens go off.
I don't want to be alone, so don't you get lost.
I know a place where the two of us can hide,
We could barricade the door and we'd be safe inside.
When the harsh winds blow, and the world gets cold,
You can't trust kindness and you can't eat gold.
I've got the Twenty-First Century survival blues,
But to tell you the truth, I just need you.
I've got the Twenty-First Century survival blues;
A generation raised up without paying its dues,
Comfortable enough to play around with doubt
Without knowing how to survive when the lights go out.
And if we take away the things we've been depending on,
We'll be flailing like children in a nursery home,
So I've started making lists of the essential things
For when the storms bring what they bring.
I've got the Twenty-First Century survival blues,
I've got shelter, drinking water, I've got cupboards of food,
And I know I can survive in my apocalypse home,
But what's the point in surviving if you're just surviving alone?

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