Wanderlust - 3:15
I have wept until I've slept
Into the lap of the lady that I love.
And though she begged and she cajoled,
I couldn't tell her of what I was thinking of.
I didn't chose, no I was chosen
By a life that must be lived in passing through,
And though she changed so much for me,
Changing this is the one thing I cannot do.

Darling, I'm leaving,
The distance keeps calling me on.
Darling, come morning,
I'll be gone.

She is beauty, she is graceful
In her poise, she is gentle in her care,
She is the calm within the centre of my storm,
She is her fingers through my hair.
She has my heart, but it is breaking
Because it knows that deep inside she still believes
That there will ever come a morning when I'm staying,
And not gathering to leave.

Baby, let's get out of the city,
We need to breathe some cleaner air.
That creeping feeling's starting, like I miss you,
Though we're both of us still here.
There's a sadness in your smiles now,
And an edge of desperation in your voice.
We have all this independence,
But it still feels like we never had a choice.

Darling, I'm leaving.

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  1. I am eternally grateful to the people who wrote out the lyrics and linked the songs for all of these pages. Wanderlust is one of my favourite songs. Thank you Frank and Friends. 🙂

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